Public universities

We are a group of academic researchers from different Australian Universities. We are focusing on the current crisis faced by the Australian Public Universities. Through our collective work, we aim to contribute to a meaningful solution to this crisis.

*Latest APU document published on Jan 18, 2024-Australian Research Council Amendment APU Response– see bottom left.

Below you can find a number of our groundbreaking research documents on the current crisis of Australian Universities. More research is being produced right now and it will be published soon. We are providing independent research for media, universities, government and non government institutions, the academic community and other interested parties.

We are also inviting submissions of your own research on the topic and we will add it to this growing repository- talk to us.

Sign our open letter from the Australian Academic community, which is now signed by more than 1500 AU academics  here.

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Check the resources page for updated and new insights on Australian universities published by other media here.

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