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Australian universities are dying and no one is coming to save them

The university system in this country is dying. The government used the pandemic to destroy the places for critical conversations; and university management mostly rolled over. Mass redundancies, both voluntary and forced across the sector, have left big gaps in teaching staff. In some places that led to decisions to close down subjects, courses, departments. Right now, nearly every university is considering merging faculties.

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Entire UOW Academic Senate dismissed; extraordinary meeting called

Critics are concerned that the new model will shift power “away from academic representation to greater dominance by university management.”

UOW’s University Council (the University’s governing authority) dismissed the Academic Senate (UOW’s peak academic body) at a meeting on 9 April, after an internal review found “a need to alter Academic Senate membership”.

However, members of the Academic Senate say they were never consulted on the latest model, and that the “complicated” provisions tip the balance of power away from elected Senators.

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